Why are Sundays so Hard?

Week end and week out our church (and nearly every other church) has a time on Sundays when we gather as a church to study Holy Scripture and worship together.  It has been said that individual worship in the environment of corporate worship is a reflection of the worship we offer to God all through the week.  Generally, the people who receive a blessing during corporate worship have already received some sort of blessing through their individual worship throughout the previous week.  Most people who miss God during worship on Sundays have missed him all week long. Of course, there is exceptions to all of this.

With this said, it seems that it would be easy to deduce that people who are consistently absent from weekly worship gatherings are AWOL from God during the week.
But why?  Some of our members have been a part of our fellowship for years.  Some for only a few weeks.  Why has the value of worship together escaped them? It would seem that after being a part of our church one develop a deeply held value for worship.  But for many this has not happened.  Why?  We teach it; I preach it; prayer and planning goes into developing an environment to promote healthy, individual worship.  So why is it so easy for some to stay away?
These are the questions that awakened me at 2 am this morning and I cannot get them out of my mind.
Each person not in worship is a person that desperately needs more of God in their life.  This is not a generalized statement.  I look through the chairs each week and many people that I know need a reassuring encounter with God are conspicuously absent. They are more than missing bodies; they are my friends and for some reason God has entrusted the care of their souls to me as the shepherd of his people.  And he has entrusted them to the fellowship of this church as well.  Really, all that is left for any of us to do is love them — Love People!  Let them know they have a true friend.  Isn’t that who Jesus is to you?  I know he is to me.  Let’s help all our brothers and sisters build a lasting friendship with our Savior