What is precious to you?

It is a good question since what is special to us generally had great influence on shaping life. We generally love what is precious to us. It may occupy a good portion of our time or thoughts. What is precious may even have the power to determine your character and the way in which you choose to live the “days of your life.” We all may choose things precious to us that are, as the teacher in Ecclesiastes teaches, “under the sun.” Things may be so precious to us that they are able to create a “condition of life” for us. That is because as something is precious to us, we can only be a certain person or live in certain ways. People can do the same thing to us, even people near and dear to us. Personal accomplishment – work, leisure, status – may have the same kind of power over us. We are passionate about what is precious to us.

1 Peter 2:4 says that Jesus is precious to God. The New Testament gives testimony about just how precious the Son is to the Father. And we are not left wondering why he is so precious. Vs. 7 says that, “Now to you who believe, this stone (Jesus) is precious.” The words are clear – Jesus is precious to those who believe in him. Not should be, no might be, no will be – but IS precious. And we each know from our own individual lives how something that is precious to us shapes us. Because Jesus is precious we can only live as though he is precious, otherwise he is simply not precious to us. This brings us back to what we really believe. Determining the preciousness of Jesus in your life is an exercise in clarity of faith and our desire to “make much of” him with our lives.

Take time to determine for yourself just how precious Jesus is to you. Then choose this day whom you will serve – the God of Abraham that holds Jesus as precious – or something else found “under the sun.”?