The Power to Choose

“…to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God…” John 1:12.  Nothing in all the world exceeds the satisfaction of being a child of God.  We may imagine many things that might satisfy more, but we would be fooling ourselves.  If there was something more satisfying than this, then the Creator God who loves us dearly would have provided it to us through his Son.  No, being a child of God is the ultimate in the human experience for as his redeemed child we become what God intends us to be as his creation and as someone he loves.

So how do we secure our kinship with God?  How do we become his children?  God freely offered us kinship – to be his children – when he sent his own son to be our kin – to be human.  His Son, Jesus of Nazareth, came to cleanse us from our sin by taking the punishment for our sin by dying on a cross.  When receive this gift of God that he has offered to us so that we do not have to suffer and die for our sin and when we believe that Jesus is the gift from God who has suffered our punishment for sin, God then gives us the choice as to what to do next: we may either accept such a gift and the life it offers – an eternal life with God through Christ; or we can reject it and go along as we always have – facing certain death for our sins – a death that separates us from God forever.  It is our right to choose to become children of God or not.  God gives us the power of choice.  Pray today that you and your loved ones have made the right choice.  MC