The meaning of prayer

What does it mean for you to pray? As we moved through our prayer service this past Sunday I realized that I had not given proper attention to the practice of meditation as an integral part of any person’s prayer life. Donald Whitney said this of the prayer life of the great George Mueller:
“Christian meditation (thinking deeply on Scripture) is “the missing link between Bible intake and prayer.” If there was a “secret” to George Mueller’s prayer life, it was his discovery of the connection between meditation and prayer. Mueller’s discovery was that after meditating on Scripture he was more able to experience a meaningful prayertime.”
Regrettably, on 16% of churchgoers read their Bible every day and only 37%, once a week. So often I hear people say they are struggling in their prayer life or that they can’t even pray at all. Maybe it is because they haven’t been in God’s Word enough to know what his desire is in life, what his purpose for their life may be. It may be because our prayer life ultimately should lead us to is an agreement with God about life’s circumstances and how he intends to work through those with you so that all of life is found to have meaning in and through him. And, of course, The Word reveals so much of this for us and helps us to know what we should seek with God through our prayers.
Prayer requires heartfelt sincerity and focused solitude to begin to open up God’s reality for life. As we remain in Scripture through such a revelation, we find that it is Scripture that becomes the poetry and song of our prayers. Think deeply upon scripture; pray with deep sincerity; find the fullness of God for your life.