The Blessing of Mercy

Oct. 5, 2014

For This Day

We live in a time, and this seems to be especially true in religious circles, in which people seek out blessing.  The Lord knows we need them.  You turn on your television or log onto the internet and are bombarded with anything but!  It seems that we are constantly being told how bad life is.  And what is passed off as entertainment is often just a reminder that our culture is very quickly changing into something that is only a shadow of what it was before.  We occasionally pause and think that there must be more and that it must be better than this.  Where are the boundaries for life?

Well, there is more to life and it is better.  For people of faith (and I hope hat includes you) a full and meaningful life begins by recognizing that human beings are infinitely dependent on God and his mercy.  What follows is the realization that we are infinitely capable of living the best life now when we allow His mercy to shape our being. Living in his mercy produces a life that is grand – it holds and gives meaning to the world around us.  No, really, your life rooted in God’s mercy is the only life that can give true meaning to the world.

Today we are going to take a look at what it means to be blessed by God and how we are to respond to His blessings.  Both are shaped by the covenant relationship we have in Christ Jesus.  This covenant sets the boundaries for life, resulting in a boundless life for all who believe in Christ and follow him.  Today I hope you discover anew the boundaries God has set for you so that you may live a boundless life!


More for This Day

When we truly live out of the blessings of God our lives can be nothing less than salt and light.  It’s up to us if we allow all the blessings of God to sink in, go deep and emerge from our lives a something beautiful to God and life-changing for the people around us.

Take time today and evaluate your life based on the blessings of God.  Determine if you have claimed for yourself such a life as shown to us by Jesus.  Discover whether you are truly salt and light or if you are attempting in some sort of way to have meaning in the kingdom of God without really allowing yourself to live in the mercies of God.