We are a church devoted to Christ, seeking to bring the Good News to the World. Our Mission is to bring Glory to God by making disciples through loving God, following Jesus, and serving others. 


The Vision of South Walker Baptist Church

We want to be authentic people who are known for their transparency, integrity and sincerity of heart. We want to serve Christ together by creating an environment that allows others to be who they are, as they are and then grow into the image of Jesus Christ. When people know us well, (hold us up to the light of time and intimacy), we want them to say “there is a group of people with a sincere faith and an authentic relationship with each other and Jesus Christ.”

We are a body committed to excellence because we believe in and love our Lord and he expects our best.  We are a body committed to serve the people he has given us to serve, who also are worthy of the best we can offer.  And we pray that the excellence we are always striving to improve upon honors God and inspires his church.

The continual presence of water at a certain level leaves a mark long after it is gone. Similarly, it is our passion that long after we are gone evidence that we, God’s people, have been here will remain. We hope you will join us as we seek to make a lasting impression for Christ in Walker, Louisiana and in the world.

The Mission of South Walker Baptist Church

At South Walker Baptist Church, the means by which we pursue the glory of God in the making of disciples is three-fold. Our mission is to bring glory to God by making disciples loving God, following Jesus, and serving others.


Loving God

We believe that the process for making disciples begins by loving God with “all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength.” Our worship together is meant to help us all cultivate an intimacy with God so that we make loving Him the centerpiece of life.

Following Jesus

We follow Jesus best when each of us is participating in a small group that provides for the possibility of loving others in the church resulting in developing and maintaining the discipleship journey. After all, Jesus never meant for any of us to go out alone in our faith. He gave us, the church, as a means of strengthening one another and together, giving witness to His life.

Serving Others

Every Christian has influence on different people in the world, which is why we want to be intentional about reaching out to serve others. We serve people through various ways, including inviting them to “come and see,” or to experience the life of the church through worship, disciple-making, and ministry that brings genuine healing to hurting lives.  We want to utilize every effort to demonstrate and declare Christ’s love to the world.