Journey with Friends

Door of Hope

The following is taken from the mission statement of A Door of Hope:

Our mission and purpose is to break the vicious cycle of life controlling issues and self-destructive behaviors such as abuse, addiction, eating disorders, depression, past abortion(s), or self-harm through the love and power of Jesus Christ.

The ministry is committed to educating our clients by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and works towards meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of young women. We are experienced in helping women overcome a multitude of life crises. Our trained volunteers are never judgmental, and are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our clients. Whether you, or someone you know and love, are dealing with a crisis, we are committed to inspiring a positive change. All services at A Door of Hope are provided at no cost.

Once a year we take an offering, participate in their fundraising and host a fundraising event on their behalf.  Find out more about this ministry at


Community Hands

The mission statement of Community Hands is as follows:

We are disciples of Jesus Christ, proclaiming the Gospel by coordinating our friendship to serve the needs in our community; offering help and hope to families in danger of experiencing homelessness, hunger and health issues.

Our church is proud to be a founding partner of Community Hands, providing direction and financial support.  Community Hands is constantly fine tuning their efforts to not just meet the needs that poverty demands but to conquer poverty through the power of Christ’s love.  Contact Pastor Mark Carroll at 225.335.1012 to learn more.

Fuller Center for Housing

There is just too much to say about the Ginger Ford Fuller Center for Housing.  Our S.WA.T. works with Ginger Ford when we have no projects of our own.  We are looking to increase our involvement with this ministry.  To find out more about Ginger Ford Fuller Center visit and contact the pastor about helping take our church to the next level in serving with this housing ministry.