Journey on Mission

About Face Missions

Our church supports the mission work of About Face Missions. Following is their mission statement:

About-Face Missions is committed to being a tool in the hand of Jesus Christ our Lord, we will follow his lead and go where his Spirit leads. As such, God is giving us new people and new power to go and proclaim the Gospel of Christ and assist the workers of the Gospel in all ways possible. We continue loving others with the Gospel message, meeting needs of the hopeless and hurting where able, and helping to connect, equip and encourage the body of Christ from the east to the west using social media, technology and live mission trips. God is boldly pressing forward with the good news of Jesus Christ and he is moving AFM Ministry into position to likewise press on! Come and see our Jesus in us. Go and be like Jesus, with us to them!

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 SBC Mission Offerings

Our church budgets funds to support the three major SBC mission offerings of the Women’s Missionary Union:  The Lottie Moon International Mission Offering; The Annie Armstrong North American Mission Offering and the Georgia Barnett Louisiana State Mission Offering.  We also take a special offering once a year for each mission group.  For more information go to:


Bayou Mission

This is a new mission effort for our church.  It is an effort to be hands-on support to the mission work conducted by Randall Gill in the Bayou Region of our state, including the areas around the towns of Chauvin and Montegut.  Three or four times a year we spend a weekend doing whatever Randall needs us to do.  The cost per person each outing is $20 per person plus meals.  For more information call Mark Carroll at 225-335-1012


Navajo Nation Mission

2015 is our first year to venture into ministry on the Navajo Indian Reservation located in the Gallup, NM and Window Rock, AZ area.  Our church made a Ten Year commitment to traveling at least once a year to minister in various ways to the Indian population located there.  Our hope is to use the web to minister all year long to individuals there and throughout the year supply the missionaries there with whatever they need to do their work.  Our first mission group numbers twenty-eight; we hope to grow beyond that so we may have the greatest impact each time we go.  For the kind of work we hope to do in Gallup, visit

Why We Want to Go to the Navajo