Christ-Centered Community

We are a church devoted to Christ, seeking to bring the Good News to the World. Our Mission is to bring Glory to God by making disciples through loving God, following Jesus, and serving others. This is our mission and process for discipleship.  Out of this, Christ-centered community is the context for discipleship, the people you follow Jesus with.  One of the ways we live out this discipleship trait is through our Bible Study Groups.



Bible Study Groups

We want everyone who is a part of our church to be in a small group that is studying the word of God. The purpose of the groups is to build relationships and to allow for faith exploration, both as a result of Bible discovery and faith practice. Through our small groups we are strengthening the lives of people by giving attention to their life needs while encouraging them through shared relationships to live fully the Christian life.

Our Bible Study Groups take on many forms and no two are the same. They consist of men and women, young and old, seeking to grow in their faith in Jesus. We encourage our groups to stay together for a time and then divide, so that what are experiencing through the intimate nature of the group can be experienced by others who are seeking a healthy experience in their faith and in the church.