How Important is the World!

Sept. 28, 2014

How important is the world to you?  I mean, to what degree does it matter to you that lost people come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord?  The last command Jesus gave to his disciples was to “go make disciples” to all people and “be witnesses” to who he is to the entire world.  Matthew 28:19 say, “As you are going, make disciples”.  That means in our everyday lives we are to be about the business of bringing people to Jesus and to strengthen one another in our “followship” of him.  In Acts 1:1 Jesus tells us that “you yourselves” will be my witnesses.  It is clear from these two passages that disciple-making and witness-bearing are two very personal responsibilities for people who claim to follow Jesus.  How are you doing in your life in regards to these two faith expressions?


About Face Missions goes to places that we are not going.  As Jim Ball goes about living his life on the global stage he himself is bearing witness to Christ and is supporting indigenous pastors who are doing the same.  God does not have it in my future to go to India or any other “exotic” mission area.  But it is Jim’s life. You can go into the world and be witnesses to people beyond your own circle when you support the work of About Face Missions.  Donate in today’s worship service.


More for This Day

Isaiah 49:6 says that, I will make you a light to the Gentiles, that my salvation will reach to the ends of the earth.”  Next week we will look at what it means to be salt and light in the world.  It is not an optional part of our faith expression.  It is foundational to our Christian character.  Proper Christian living is “salt and light.”  We will discover that being functional believers means that the life of Christ in us must infiltrate the world; our world and the world beyond our immediate influence.   Our task is to baptize – to clothe others in Christ (Galatians 3:27).  According to the Scriptures, we are unable to separate our Christian character from our personal mission action.  That’s one of the points of being described as salt and light.  We should all ponder to what degree our Christian character is developing by examining to what degree we are participating in God’s mission.


As believers, we want to never escape the bounds of our covenant with God though Christ.  He blesses us in many ways, more spiritually than physically.  Our side of the covenant is to respond with glad hearts to God’s expectation placed upon our lives.  This covenant we share with him provides necessary boundaries that open up to us a boundless life.  I pray today that you enjoy boundless living in Christ.  MC