A Tiny Word on Tithing

The wonderful reality about tithing is that in doing so we acknowledge so much about who God is and what his presence in my life truly means.  It says that I know there is an expectation of holiness upon my life and that includes all of me, not just some nebulous spirituality that has no real impact on God’s work in the world.  That God has made holy the small things in my life – material things – I know that God is concerned and cares about the small things in my life – small things that have a real impact on my happiness.


The tithe we offer is a celebration of life with God.  We give it to him and he shares it with us as a celebration of the relationship we have with him. The tithe we give back to God supports the work of his people – his servants – to provide a life together that is full and meaningful; that makes possible for our lives together to support God’s cause to bring salvation, justice, mercy and grace to His world.  That is a life worth celebrating!


Baptism tells God and the world that we are all in – body and soul – we trust Christ with everything.  He forgives every sin; we give him all of life (how can he forgive what he has no access to?)  Tithing tells God that we are all in.  He has our whole life, including the material things.  He claim on us is complete and we celebrate and are glad that this is true for us.  God loves and gives.  We love him and give.  Grace to you in your giving.  Mark